MAT™ Electric Elevator Kiln, Microwave Furnace

MAT™ Electric Elevator Kiln, Microwave Furnace

In 2007, Harrop partnered with Ceralink to design and build a large-scale electric elevator kiln, microwave furnace, incorporating Microwave Assist Technology (MAT™) for Touchstone Research Laboratory in Triadelphia, WV. Touchstone produces a unique structural carbon foam that requires, under conventional thermal processing, a very long, precisely controlled firing cycle in a protective atmosphere due to the chemical composition, the low density, and the large size of the foam product. Utilizing microwave energy in conjunction with the conventional radiant energy, this microwave furnace, Touchstone’s new MAT™ kiln, produces superior quality carbon foam in a fraction of the time that their conventional kilns require.

Primary Microwave Furnace Design Characteristics

  • Usable Setting Volume: 36″ x 36″ x 36″
  • Maximum Temperature: 1,620ºC
  • Workload capacity to 1,500 pounds
  • Sealed, controlled atmosphere system
  • 160 KW resistance power and 30 KW microwave power
  • Multi-zone temperature control with integrated, simultaneous power control
  • Low-mass fiber insulation for rapid heating/cooling
  • Removable kiln car for easy access to the workload
  • Electromechanical kiln car elevator system for accurate positioning of the workload in the kiln, microwave furnace

Microwave Assist Features

  • 30 KW water-cooled magnetron at 915 MHz
  • Wave guide interface between the kiln, microwave furnace, and magnetron
  • Rotating antennae to efficiently distribute microwave energy throughout the work volume
  • Microwave attenuation around the kiln openings, maintaining atmosphere integrity
  • Interlocks for safe, reliable operation

Prototyping/Testing Microwave Furnace Services

This microwave assist kiln, microwave furnace, is now available for contract pilot plant studies to investigate the potential benefits from enhanced product properties and/or process improvements utilizing this newly commercialized revolutionary firing process. Contact Harrop to arrange a consultation with us and Ceralink to evaluate your possibilities for firing with a microwave furnace.