Industrial Kiln Revamps & Upgrades

Industrial Kiln Revamps & Upgrades

A growing number of manufacturers are improving profitability by engaging Harrop to modernize their existing kilns, rather than buy new ones. In many cases, the infusion of current technology into an existing kiln or dryer can result in increased product output and greater efficiencies with an attractive payback of the investment. Quite often, a well-planned revamp can begin to show immediate reduction of specific energy consumption and an increase in product quality.

Industrial Kiln Modernization

Harrop has modernized hundreds of industrial kilns and dryers for ceramic manufacturers, many of which were originally supplied by our competitors. Harrop’s thorough analysis of your existing kiln operation and our extensive knowledge about drying and firing can be applied to any dryer or kiln system, regardless of the original design. We have broad experience in both fuel-fired and electric kilns, and age is no object. Sometimes, kilns 50 or 60 years old can be profitably revamped with current technologies.

Retrofit Benefits

As with all of our new installations, on a Harrop retrofit you receive all the benefits of Harrop’s extensive technical expertise and single-source turnkey services. Whether for cost control, increased energy efficiency, quality improvement, or capacity expansion, revamping an old dryer or kiln is a financially attractive option for many operations and a growing part of Harrop’s business.


Potential Benefits

Greater Production

Higher Energy Efficiency

Higher Product Quality

Lower Production Costs

Higher Investment Returns





Improvements To:

Thermal Insulation

Combustion Systems

Power Control Systems

Air Handling Systems

Heat Recovery Systems

Process Controls

Process Data Collection