AJ Carsten Tape Casters & Ovens

AJ Carsten Tape Casters & Ovens

In 1996, Harrop strengthened its commitment to serving the electronic ceramics industry with the acquisition of the A. J. Carsten Co. Since the early 1970’s, A. J. Carsten has been a pioneer in designing and supplying continuous forming equipment for manufacturing thin-film ceramic tape. After working intimately with the founders in Powell River, BC for several years after the purchase, Harrop subsequently integrated the Carsten technology and know-how into Harrop’s home operations at Columbus, Ohio in 2004.

Thick and Thin Film Tape Casting
The renowned Carsten line of tape casters and burnout ovens, in conjunction with Harrop’s well-respected line of high temperature kilns, offer an unmatched combination of processing equipment for ceramic tape producers. Traditionally, ceramic tape casting applications have included multi-layer ceramic capacitors, semiconductor substrates, piezoelectrics, and ferrites. Recently, emerging materials technologies and nanotechnologies have given rise to both thin and thick film tape casting applications for fuelcell elements, battery components and polymer membranes.

Carsten Tape Casting Machines

Laboratory Bench Caster
The Laboratory Bench Caster is a small, table-top model designed as a low-cost alternative to large volume production tape casters. This model is ideally suited for R&D projects, quality control measurements, and prototype manufacturing. The unit is capable of continuously tape casting up to 6 inches wide and 5 feet long with varying thicknesses and at a controlled casting speed. Typically, the casting surface is a glass plate, but the unit can be readily outfitted with different casting surfaces required for the application.

Dielectric Tape Caster
The Dielectric Tape Caster has been designed specifically for the manufacture of dielectric ceramic tape used in multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) and piezoelectric sensors. It also finds wide acceptance as a small, continuous caster for prototype manufacturing of thicker tape, as well as R&D on new slurry formulations. This production model comes in two standard sizes:

  • 10 Inch Wide by 20 Foot Long – Two Infrared Drying Zones
  • 10 Inch Wide by 28 Foot Long – Three Infrared Drying Zones

The endless tape casting belt is a welded, polished carbon steel belt driven by a controlled frequency motor for precise adjustment of the casting speed. Custom-designed systems are available. Units come equipped with a precision doctor blade assembly to adjust the wet tape thickness, independent drying zone controls, razor stripper, and paper roll take-up assembly for dried tape.

High Volume Tape Casting
Harrop offers a standard and custom-designed tape casting systems to meet the specific production needs for mass production of tape in a number of emerging technology industries. These larger units have standard nominal belt widths of 24 inches, and 31.5 inches, and are designed with lengths from 34 feet up to 100 feet. Belts are stainless steel and are equipped with a carrier film system on which to transport the tape through the caster. Multiple independently controlled drying zones are provided to insure proper drying of the “green” tape. Both aqueous and non-aqueous binder exhaust systems can be provided. Precision control of wet tape thickness, belt speed, and zone temperature are standard design features. Optional features can include:

  • Slurry Level Control
  • Granite T ape Casting Surface
  • Continuous Tape Thickness Monitoring
  • Slurry De-Airing System
  • Tape Slitter


Carsten Ovens

Continuous infrared ovens offers a variety of designs for low-temperature heat treating of “green” ceramic tape and parts, ink drying, epoxy curing, glass sealing, and solder fusion, are offered. These Infrared Ovens are designed with either Teflon/fiberglass or stainless steel transport belts, depending on the temperature requirements. Nominal belt widths are 9 inches and 12 inches, and come in oven lengths up to 5 feet long. For continuous binder removal from tape cast, pressed or extruded ceramic parts, the Burn-Out Oven is an attractive alternative to batch ovens. Product is carried on an endless stainless steel belt through multiple electrically heated zones with stainless steel internal surfaces. Forced-air recirculation systems with individual zone temperature control assure safe, uniform binder removal. Two standard models are offered:

  • 3-Zone – 18 Inch Wide Belt by 9 Foot Heated Length
  • 6-Zone – 36 Inch Wide Belt by 13 Foot Heated Length

Temperature capability up to 450°C is available. All units include a 4 foot entrance loading station and a 4 foot exit unloading station. A closed loop return system is available as well. Call Harrop Industries at 614-231-3621 for custom tape casting systems.