Robotic Sagger Handling System



Harrop has successfully commissioned a custom engineered robotic sagger handling system and sagger filling system for automatically filling saggers with ceramic material and placing the saggers on the kiln car.  After the material is fired, the robot removes the saggers from the kiln car, empties the fired material into a container and the sagger filling process is repeated, followed by placement of the saggers back onto the kiln car.

System Highlights:
  • Super sack unloading station
  • Loss-in-weight feeder proportions the unfired material into each sagger
  • Fanuc multi-axis robot automatically sets the filled saggers onto the kiln car, including cover lid
  • Fanuc multi-axis robot automatically unloads each fired sagger from the kiln car
  • The fired powder is deposited into a collection container
  • The system includes vision detection technology to accurately locate the saggers on the kiln car
  • The system includes vision detection technology to inspect each sagger for defects.
  • Dust collection system is provided to minimize airborne dust