Microwave Assist Firing (MAT™)

Industrial Commercialization: Microwave Furnace

Harrop, in partnership with Ceralink, has built and successfully commissioned the first large-scale industrial kiln, microwave furnace, incorporating Microwave Assist Technology (MAT™). Read More    

The Story of MAT™

Ceralink, Inc., a materials research and technology transfer company, is internationally known for its expertise in the application of and benefits derived from firing ceramic materials with microwave energy, using a microwave furnace. To learn more about the exciting new uses and benefits of Microwave Assist Technology (MAT™), please visit our technology partner, Ceralink, for a comprehensive introduction at www.ceralink.com to the microwave furnace.

MAT™ Benefits

  • Enhanced Product Properties
  • Faster Firing Cycles
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Higher Energy Efficiency
  • Lower Emissions
  • A “Green” Process Technology

Product Applications

  • Structural Ceramics
  • Electronic Ceramics
  • Wear-Resistant Ceramics
  • Specialty Refractories
  • Traditional Ceramics