Carl Harrop, a professor in the Ceramic Engineering Department at The Ohio State University, founded Carl B. Harrop Engineers at Columbus, Ohio in 1919 to become a kiln manufacturer. The previous year he had been granted a patent on a new type of car tunnel kiln, a device for firing ceramics in a continuous process which saved substantial energy over the traditional batch firing methods. Harrop's first industrial kiln project was to design two of these tunnel kilns to fire vitrified hotel ware for the Chelsea China Company in New Cumberland, West Virginia.

Industrial Kiln Manufacturer

Since that initial technology breakthrough, Harrop has been proud to have continuously served the ceramic manufacturing community with innovative and practical firing and drying systems, including the rotary kiln, spanning nine decades of technological evolution for thousands of clients in dozens of ceramic-related markets. In response to the demand for quality industrial ceramics, Harrop Industries became a thermocouple manufacturer
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Our Services

Harrop's core expertise began as, and continues to be, the design of industrial kilns for firing ceramic products. For almost a century now, Harrop has been accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience in new kiln technologies, including the microwave furnace, to meet the ever changing firing needs of industrial ceramic producers. In serving these industrial kiln needs, our clients have offered us additional opportunities to supply a variety of related services such as tape casting. Harrop has responded by diversifying over the decades with additional goods and services to the ceramic industry that support and augment our core kiln expertise as a kiln manufacturer.

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